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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4pm  FOX  May 1, 2023 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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that's not what he meant. alright buddy. good luck recovered. let's just go tomorrow. a rally in response to the gunfire. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth and the garden question worked at the walgreens store. there are market street in downtown san francisco. welcome everyone to the four. i'm heather holmes alex savage. that rally underway right now, at the spot where 24 year old banco brown was shot and killed last thursday. ktvu christian captain joining us now live from the city and christian activists are demanding action from walgreens, as well as the city of san francisco. yeah that's exactly right. more than 100 activists are here on market street, now blocking access near the area of market and powell
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close to the walgreens, where brown was shot access to the sik andge from walgreens and from the city wall. and remember the rally and remembrance started at about three pm here to ensure banco brown brown was shot to death here at the walgreens thursday afternoon by an armed security guard, who some say shot brown while attempting to stop a shoplifting incident. san francisco later frisco police rather later arrested that guard who is in custody facing homicide charges, friends say brown, who was born under the name china and identified as a man was an active community organizer for the young women's freedom center. today, that organization is calling on walgreens to eliminate armed guards, saying nothing in that shop. was worth brown's life. the group is also calling on mayor london breed to do more to house trans youth. we worked with banco since he was 12 years old, and that's 12 years that he was failed by our city and
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county. he was actively on every housing list. he was trying to get housing while advocating for his community, and we failed him listening county failed him. according housing instability for more than a decade. the man accused of, micl wayne anthony is in jail and could be formally charged with homicide. as early as tomorrow. we will continue to monitor the rally here on market street in san francisco and bring you the very latest developments as they happen now we're live here in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox to nicholas. alright, christian. thank you. starting today, a task force made up of members of the california highway patrol and the california national guard is at work in san francisco on uniform . i beg your pardon. uniformed officers from the chp are patrolling the tenderloin and the south of market neighborhood right now, right alongside san francisco police. this initiative was announced by governor newsom, and it comes as
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the city struggles to address the staggering drug overdose crisis. in recent years more than 600 people every year have died from accidental overdoses in the city, the vast majority from fentanyl the chp officers involved are volunteers, and they volunteered for this assignment. it's not a good practice to just have the higher patrol start and not know the community and not know the issues. and so we're really grateful for the leadership of the ohio patrol. who really suggested that? hey why don't the patrol officers work with your officers in partnership walked the beat being patrol cars get to know the community. the national guard will be at work behind the scenes mapping out the drug crime networks supervisor dean preston, who represents the tenderloin, said he's told that about six chp officers are taking part in the operation, which he calls a publicity stunt. no one has made clear any justification for why
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we need chp on the streets of the tender wine and to learn that they're only talking about six officers anyway, covering the tenderloin and sell the market. uh it feels much more like this is, uh, made for media announcement around chp coming as opposed to any actual, you know, staffing or skill set. the supervisor says he wants to see investments in the community, including legalizing safe injection sites, which is something the governor vetoed last year. th long these extra e going to last to san jose this afternoon. we're sadly, a woman died after being hit by a car. it happened on tully road, not far from highway one. oh, one run 4 30 this morning. police say the driver stayed at the scene and is cooperating with the investigation. the woman who was killed marks the 10th person killed in san jose by a vehicle this year. well jpmorgan chase is now the owner of san francisco based first republic bank after its failure. it's the
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second largest bank failure in u . s history with shareholders. the clear losers here ktvu is tom baker joins us now live from first republics walnut creek branch with the details on the deal what experts are saying and also tom reaction from customers. all of those things that's really kind of interesting because you know it's just business as usual as business can be. it's like nothing ever really happened. cherry leg. lear's first republic bank atm withdrawal went off flawlessly monday. hopefully it's service don't change. that's the big thing. you know, and there remains a small operated bank. jpmorgan is paying some $208 billion for most first republic assets and assumes $122 billion in liabilities, of which 92 billion or deposits, even depositors who exceed the $250,000 federal deposit insurance limit. or fully protected nobody as a
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depositor had lost. uh nickel. i would hope that you know they increased the limits. i guess part of the deal. jpmorgan is getting a $50 billion.05 year loan from the f d i c. the complex deal will also see jpmorgan paid $10.6 billion to the federal deposit insurance corporation, which is paying 13 billion to see stabilize and sell the bank to jpmorgan. this bank as the biggest bank is the least likely to fail that also gives confidence to banks to do banking without fear of depositor panic we have really quelled. the fear and the runs and some of these banks, a government takeover would have been far more expensive. so in that sense, i think the government has done a really good job and drilling the burgeoning here that we had a
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month ago. the biggest losers are the shareholders. this is bad for he knew or had to know what they were getting into investing in the in the first republic. question is with jpmorgan continue to operate first republic under its own name, very poparpeed name. jpmorgan actually does business under seven different names. i hope they do remain as first republic bank. definitely their customer service is a lot better. you know, they're they're more friendly. i think. that's remain the kbw nasdaq regional banking index. that's a basket of still solvent banks similar to those in size that failed, has now dropped 25% since early march, when the fate of the now failed silicon valley bank became a matter of concern . in other words, those banks are solvent but still has a
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group. they're down 25. reporting live. tom baker, ktvu fox two news. it sounds like one of the keys here was that you didn't see that that same level of panic among depositors with first republic bank compared to what we saw with silicon valley bank. true but earlier like last week, there were some pretty big lines and all of these offices, and that's because they were bleeding so much money and that's what really caused all of this simply because they didn't have the underlying capital to pay all of those depositors and something had to give and it was the independence of that bank. don baker reporting live force in walnut creek, tom. thank you. the school was in session today across the oakland unified school district, as negotiations continue between the teachers union and the district. the district sent a note to parents and families, saying that bargaining continued through the weekend and that school would be in session today. however oakland superintendent failed to appear at the bargaining table until 11 o'clock last night and
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was reportedly unprepared in recent weeks. the teachers union voted to approve a strike, but it's not said when a strike could happen. one oh, usd parent joined us earlier today on the nine to discuss one of the main ongoing issues with the district and its teachers. at the heart of the issue, right? it's the same issue that happened in 2019. we need stability. we have classrooms where we have long term subs. we have instability at our high school levels, with counselors not being available to our students. um those are thin that also affect the quality of our education for our students. announcement is expected to come at five tonight on if an agreement is reached or if a strike will occur if a strike were to occur. 48 to 72 hours not would take effecte san jose unified school district is facing a major teacher shortage. the california department of education says the district needs to hire more than 200 teachers before the next school year. at a board meeting
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last week, the districts assistant superintendent said cost of living is a major factor in that shortfall. the district pays teachers are starting salary of $68,000 the median income across everyone who works in san jose is almost double that at $125,000 year former petroleum refinery now being turned into a facility to create clean aviation fuel. how many jobs governor newsom says this new project is going to create also a widening manhunt this afternoon for the suspect who allegedly shot his neighbors in texas. coming up next we discussed the ongoing search effort and also the challenges facing authorities and outside our doors this afternoon cloudy w sprinkles today more for tomorrow. a better look at what we
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it's day three of this manhunt, and the fbi says it has zero leads. however federal and local authorities are hoping that an $80,000 reward will help them bring in the shooter. foxes casey steagall tells us the fugitive is a mexican nationals and had been deported several times a horrific crime, and i can assure you and the american people that law enforcement will deliver accountability. the manhunt underway in texas involved more than 200 officers from multiple agencies, all searching for 38 year old francisco or pisa. he's accused of killing five of his neighbors , including a young child over the weekend after being asked to stop firing his gun in his yard because it was bothering a sleeping baby. what happened? to be honest was horrible, ugly. i was able to escape by a miracle. survivor wilson garcia says his
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family called police five times before the shooting, but officers didn't make it in time . oropeza shot and killed garcia's wife in front of the family home after she told her husband to run inside, believing he would not shoot a woman. he then made his way inside going room to room shooting. five of the 10 people gathered inside for a church retreat. garcia was able to escape via a window. two people died. protecting my 2.5 year old daughter and my month and a. they protected them with clothes, sol who has beend several times. according to ice. they're offering an $80,000 reward for any information that leads to his arrest. i'm trying to be strong for my kids. it's very hard when your daughter starts asking for her mom and then her brother. the fbi warns this man should be considered armed and extremely dangerous. remember he left the scene on foot. that's
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the latest from dallas. casey stegall fox news. and joining us now live this afternoon with more on the extensive manhunt underway is peter dunbar, retired bay area police chief peter always a pleasure to see you explain the difficulties of a search like this, especially given now the amount of time that's passed. yeah this guy could be anywhere. obviously he's been to and from mexico a number of times. it's more difficult to get in, and it is to get out so he had a lead on the police when they arrived so he could be anywhere. but there's a number of steps that both state local and mexican authorities could take and trying to find him. i mean, talk about the fact that he obviously is a mexican citizen if he has made his way south of the border . how how complell, i think in this kind of a case it's not going to be that complicated with the red tape of bureaucracy. i think everyone can get behind finding this guy who's done this, but it's a question of where is he talking
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to his friends talking to soates, talking of relatives go doing that whole trail trying to find out where he might be. i know they found a gun, and they found a phone. near the crime scene. but that doesn't mean he hasn't gotten another gun or another phone and trying to find him that way or through technology with facial recognition license plate readers that they had a car description all kinds of different things that they might be able to use. but they obviously need to have a little bit of information. what worry might be what he might be in the area he could be, so it's a it's a takes a lot of people and they've got a lot of people want it right now. you mentioned some of the steps that law enforcement and immigration officials everyone working together can do. you mentioned some of the things that people can use to try to track the suspect down? what are the other ways in which they might be able to be successful here? normally you try to find out bank records and you used the a t m card things like that where he's been, but it looks like he's left things behind. so you're justhave been seen where
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people are looking for him. they can talking to family talking to his wife, talking to the people trying to find where he might be, and then kind of moving on him. make shrink that area that he could be and make he could se in the united states. you still coul just don't know he's still not telling us what they don't know where he is. well, they might be talking to suspect saying we don't know where you are. but we might know where you are. and you you point out that big reward now $80,000 you in your experience. what? you know how much of a difference do you think? that kind of reward will make in getting somebody who might know where he is, or might have some information to step forward. frankly my experiences rewards don't make that big of a difference people because of the sympathetic nature of his case or more likely to come forward after what he's done that necessarily the money. obviously, the money is a nice thing to have as an incentive for information, but it doesn't always lead to the information
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to lead to the arrest and some typically what the heinous nature of this crime. that's what the number one thing is that i bring him to justice. he mentioned that a gun and phone were found. how crucial is that evidence? and then again, we don't know if he's picked up another phone, given the alleged actions that he is considered armed and dangerous.n in contact with that? could, you know lead you in certain areas? is that the gun that he used in the murder? you have to do a, you know, do some testing to find out because that could be that that wasn't a r 15. it's been described as finding, but it wasn't d v a r 15 that he used in the crimes. so those things can't help. where do you buy the gun? you know he's not supposed to be here legally. so how do you get the gun again? a number of things that they have probably already. looked into and maybe them to the right place. finally before we let you go, peter, can we get your thoughts just on the horrific nature of the initial crime
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here, these killings it sort of fits in with sort of a pattern we're seeing with with a lot of cases across the country, sort of innocuous interactions that people are having with with people around them that that are leading to violence. in this case, it was the neighbors saying, hey, look, can you keep down the gunfire here? our child is trying to sleep. are you surprised by by what we're seeing. we've had a spike in violence the last couple of years, but isn't it? this is really sad. what's going on here with with decent people are really afraid. now you understand why they're afraid this driving down the wrong driveway wrong door. these kinds of things have, so that's another problemr, whih may not be real. so it's a really difficult time. it's just really sad to see these things happen time and time again. two people that are, you know, doing the right thing, calling the police trying to ask their neighbor to be quiet in this particular case, and look what happened. it's awful, absolutely terrible. it's certainly is.
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hopefully this widening of this search will in fact, turn up some leads. all right, peter dunbar. always a pleasure, sir. thank you so much. thank you. alright the town of davis is on edge right now, after two stabbing deaths in less than a week at a student at uc davis is the latest victim davis police say the 20 year old was stabbed and killed on saturday night in a park. the killing comes just days after another man was stabbed and killed at another park downtown davis residents say the sudden outbreak of violence has them concerned about their safety. i want to be able to feel safe in my own community being able to walk around and not have to worry about my gonna be stabbed. next brought in every investigator. we have. we've been working with our local partners, and we've begun reaching out to federal it stabbing, but they have, authors say. right now it's just too early to know if both crimes are
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connected. the department says it has increased its presence all around the city. i knew it for this afternoon, a former petroleum refinery in southern california is being converted into a facility. to manufacture clean fuel for the aviation industry. governor gavin newsom joining elected officials for the announcement in the city of paramount and los angeles county this afternoon. officials say the plant will produce clean hydrogen made from renewable sources. the governor, saying the project will create good paying jobs that benefit the environment. business economic opportunity growth jobs the opportunity to build the new economy. to make sure that we are doing it in a way that reconciles the mistakes we made in the past again growth and inclusion. the company's world energy and air products say this will be the only commercial scale facility producing sustainable aviation fuel in north america. the facility is set to open in 2025, the state
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has set a goal of achieving net zero carbon pollution by the year. 2045 yosemite valley is now fully open after being closed because of flooding concerns. the park partially reopened yesterday. park officials were anticipating most of the valleys closures by park rangers oing projected at a lower rate. officials reminded people not to go near the rivers, which are high, cold and very dangerous in the yosemite valley rapid snow melt we're seeing is the temperatures begin to warm up. we'll get over to rosemary here. not very warm, though. for us today in the bay area, rosemary, we started off may with the whole lot of gray. absolutely yes. a lot of snow melt over the weekend. alex and new snowfall coming our way tonight into tomorrow, giving you a look here outside our doors, where a notable change out there. we began to cool off a little bit yesterday and breezy conditions yesterday, but today clouds wind
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temperatures falling off by several degrees. and here's a view of storm tracker to and you can see a little bit of moisture out there this afternoon. a few bits of drizzle and light sprinkles, especially favoring the coastline as well as our higher elevations. we are going to continue with this cloud cover. as the center of this system continues to work its way down along the coastline, hayward right n mph livermore a5 . we have sfo reporting more than 30, 35 mph or so and the 24 hour temperature change showing you just how much chillier we are out there today. 13 degrees cooler for you. santa rosa around the bay 3 to 6 degrees. the inner east bay of concord. you are down by 14 56 degrees outside your door right now we have 52 in nevada in the city of san francisco 54 upper fifties over san jose. the future cast here shows you when we will get that better opportunity of scattered showers tomorrow morning at tonight's late tonight into tomorrow morning
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hit or miss light rain expected . this is also going to bring some very unstable weather with it and that is going to bring in the risk of thunderstorms for tomorrow as well. temperatures are going to be well below average 63 degrees for you in santa rosa for tomorrow fifties at san francisco, low sixties oakland livermore, as well as san jose will have a better look at the numbers and more details on the rain for us here and snow in the sierra coming up in just a bit. okay, thanks, rosemary. is made a and workers across the world around for better paygest demonstrations in years.
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and this is ready to go online! any questions? yeah, i got one: how about the best network imaginable? let's invent that! that's what we do here. quick survey. who wants their internet to work pretty much everywhere? 'cause we're busy women. we don't have time for lag or buffering! get internet on the xfinity 10g network for just $25 a month for 2 years with wifi equipment included. and it needs to run smooth— like, super, super, super, super smooth. hey, should you be drinking that? it's decaf. the next generation 10g network. only from xfinity. the future starts now. new contract. the strike authorization is not expected to lead to an immediate walk out. but today some american pilots picket it as you see here at philadelphia international airport as well as it nine other
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airports. they're hoping to put more pressure on the airline to reach an agreement. negotiations began in 2019 but were interrupted by t for american airlines says the company remains confident that the two side a deal. today is may day, which meanstion of workers and their unions are rallying all across california. every year. workers groups have been holding rallies like this one on the first day of may, and this afternoon. protests are being held in both san jose and in santa rosa at the federal building there. the san jose rally started at roosevelt park around three o'clock, and it will end at cesar chavez plaza. demonstrators are demanding that lawmakers pass a bill that creates health and safety protections for industry workers . workers are also demanding change across asia and europe. today, tensions are running particularly high in france, as thousands there are mobilized against their president's recent move to raise the retirement age to 64 boxes. a b kellogg tells
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us. the demonstrations have grown heated, with some protesters becoming violent. mayday spurring protests in france. protesters angry about president emmanuel macron raising the retirement age, clashing with riot police in the streets, plumes of tear gas hanging in the air a march in nantes, descending into chaos as black clad protesters bring their own wood to fuel the fires they set below a regional government building. some charging it buildings with glaring red flares and then some peaceful marches in france's international trade union representatives stand in solidarity with the french french unions here today. i think they're an inspiration to working people across europe, we have to stop the gradual erosion of the social wage, which is what's going on across europe. in spain marches are highlighting the country's low salaries, thousands of people carrying banners and chanting demanding higher wages to cope
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with inflation in lebanon, a country in economic crisis where some three quarters of the population now live in poverty, hundreds of protesters demanding better working and living conditions. political government government. is causing us a lot of problems. we will try to unite again against them. and while may day is traditionally a holiday, highlighting workers' rights this year, people tapped into frustrations over a whole host of issues from the environment to l g b t q. plus rights. in milan, amy kellogg fox news. back here in the united states. the battle over the nation's debt ceiling intensifies the new warning about when america could default on its obligations if congress does not act. also, a bipartisan group of senators wants to keep young children off of social media platforms, the bill that would establish a national age minimum and how this would be enforced.
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leaders. and inviting them to a meeting at the white house next week. this comes as the deadline is looming for lawmakers to act as foxes. michael manual reports that treasury secretary warns the u. s could default on its obligations as soon as june 1st deadlock and he said, she said that's where the debt ceiling fight stands with both sides far apart. america's never, ever ever failed to pay his debt. the
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only way you solve problems as you negotiate. last week, house republicans upped the ante when they narrowly passed their debt limit bill, which expands the country's borrowing power and trims federal spending. it was the opening to negotiations, but democrats won't take up the proposal that trades a debt ceiling hike for spending cuts. we pay our bills, and we should do so without reckless hostage taking from some of the mega republicans in congress. now majority leader chuck schumer won't put the gop plan to a senate vote. instead there will be committee hearings that he hopes will sway americans against what he calls reckless legislation. will show the american people how the default and un america act would cut critical funding to nearly all sectors of american life. this is all politicized operations by this administration. we're delivering republicans say they have done their part to stave off default. but president biden spin m i a. the president still hasn't talked to me. even some
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house democrats believe president biden should negotiate . but with no talks on the table and a looming default as soon as june, the nation's economy is on the line. higher interest rates higher credit card rates, mortgage rates would skyrocket. the treasury department is expected to notify congress soon with a more exact estimate of when it could run out of cash. in washington. mike emanuel fox news. transgender state lawmaker in montana has asked a court to allow her to return to the house floor, representative zoe zephyr was silenced and barred from the chamber for criticizing her republican colleagues support for legislation to restrict gender affirming healthcare attorneys for the first term lawmaker have sued in state district court in helena on zephyrs behal. the democrat represents a district in the collegen of missoula. the legal action comes just days before the legislative session is set to end. federal lawmakers
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are looking at ways to protect children from what they describe as the harmful effects of social media and bipartisan group of senators introducing legislation that would bar children under the age of 13 from using social media. protecting kids on social media act would require older teens to get their parents' permission to then set up an account to get more perspective on this legislation and how it would all work. we're joined now by matt cabot and associate professor of public relations at san jose state university school of journalism and mass communication. professor it's very good to see you and have you on today. we appreciate it. so what kind of impact do you think this legislation putting age restrictions in place for social media is likely to have well, it's difficult to tell us whether it'll even work, but there it is interesting that in congress, there's very few things that unite both sides of the aisle. and this is one of those issues. you know, americans want to have their kids safe. there is a mental health crisis and the
4:36 pm
process that's going to work because right now there are actually our age barricaded vacation standards in place, but it's very easy to get around those. okay so how might this new verification process look well, it might mean big government oversight because they're talking about having parents upload i d verification of their their kids into a system which would mean massive government oversight from the from the commerce department to verify whether a child online is actually above 13 years old. alright yes. so what would what would enforcement look like here ? how? how how complicated would it be here for the government to enforce these rules and make sure that social media companies are are checking? you know the age of everyone who sets up an account. so while there is bipartisan support for this, there's also bipartisan skepticism for that very reason.
4:37 pm
alex i think people think it's going to be a m to make sure tht the people who are logging on or actually over 13 years old, so my guess is if it does pass, and there's still questions about that, too, even with the first amendment issues if it does pass that the idea that it can actually be work is gonna be. it's gonna be a big challenge. i thank you. yeah it sounds like it might be quite burdensome to parents. i mean to go through all of these hoops, but let's also look at another aspect. i did hear from an advocacy group . who says yes, we know that there are documented negative effects of social media, but that there are some young people , let's say members of the lgbtq plus community who go on social media to find resources to find support. and you're automatically shutting them out of getting that much needed co this is exactly why the civil liberties union has actually come out and said they're against this because of
4:38 pm
the free expression for teenagers, right? they we want to make sure that that teenagers can actually get out there and you can have access to information. there's no question about that. so that is one of the reasons why people are against this because they feel like the age verification thing is not going to work, and it's actually going to restrict teenagers from getting the information that they desperately need now. yeah and i was gonna ask you real quickly here. you know. one other aspect of the legislation is it would prohibit the social media platforms from recommending content using algorithms to users under 18 just a quick thought on on how significant that would be kind of limiting the harmful content that teenagers see algorithm. algorithms are a big part of this whole process and algorithms will actually, um, suggest content based on personal data. so it's teenagers actually will still be able to see advertisements, but it has to be contextual and not based on personal data. privacy
4:39 pm
advocates say that it should be that way for everyone and not just for teenagers. people say hey, those social media companies they should shoulder the responsibility for making sure that the internet is a safe place for all of our kids really appreciate your time today, professor. we're going to be following this legislation. thanks again. thank you appreciate it. educators say that students are misbehaving more since the return to in person learning in a recent survey by ed week research center 70% of teachers, principals and district leaders said behavioral problems have been on the rise since 2019 and over a third say that kids are misbehaving a lot more, experts say the whiplash of coming back to in person instruction. it's just one of the potential reasons that kids are acting out mental health issues and processing the pandemic. are also likely contributing factors but on a positive note another ed weak poll from back in december found more students were feeling optimistic about the future compared to how they
4:40 pm
felt in 2020 convicted killer scott peterson has filed a new appeal in his 2004 murder conviction, claiming that there's some new evidence that he says will prove he is innocent. he's accused, of course of killing his wife, lacey and their unborn son on christmas eve. back in 2002. he received the death penalty, but that was overturned in 2021 800 page document. this new document lays out six claims, some involving what peterson and his family members are calling new evidence about a burglary across the street from the peterson's home. around the time that lacey vanished, which they believe will exonerate him. however one former detective who worked on the case isn't buying it. 100% no, no way. we know those guys. they polygraphed. they confessed . they went to jail. they gave us all their info. we confirm their alibis. peterson is currently in prison without the possibility of parole and hopes to be assigned a new council to
4:41 pm
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get it before it's gone. between the sudanese army and paramilitary foxes. greg palkot tells us several ceasefire attempts continue to fail. gunfire ringing out across sudan's capital on monday, despite another three day extension of cease fire. the u. n says the country's worrying generals have agreed to send representatives potentially to
4:44 pm
saudi arabia to negotiate a more stable truce. cease fires has been respect it. choco. they have all been respected, partially and sometimes only in some locations and not in others. the country's rival factions face increased calls to de escalate to allow the safe evacuation of civilians. over the weekend armed aerial drones guided to us convoys carrying hundreds of americans to sudan's main eastern ports. pentagon says more naval and intelligence assets have deployed to support evacuation routes remain primarily focused on an over land route, as it allows a few things, including, including establishing a repeatable sustainable method to get large numbers of american citizens out of the country. meanwhile the first shipment of medicallosed.s
4:45 pm
says the biggest challenge remains transporting aid to areas in the if we don't go and be able to talk to these to these entities, we won't be able to establish first and foremost, what are the most acute needs? the u. n says that before the fighting some 15 million people in sudan needed aid in london. greg palkot fox news, as the weather gets a bit a little bit warmer, eventually will. cal fire is looking for input on the agency's long term wildfire prevention and management plans . the fire department is putting together its new 2024 strategic plan, which it updates every five years. the department says it wants to know what is working and what needs to be better count. fire is also asking the public about what the agency's priorities should be. there's a link to the survey about the strategic plan on cal fire's website today, people living in most of the north bay will have
4:46 pm
to get a permit if they would like to burn anything on their property. burn permits are now required in sonoma, lake, napa burn landscape debris such as branches and leaves will have to file an application and read information about fire prevention. the permits are free and not required for campfires. health experts are warning this could be a more active tick season than usual. warmer temperatures plus vegetation growth because of winter rains means larger tick populations. tick bites can cause lyme too. is ease. the symptoms include fever, muscle and joint pain and chills. and, if left untreated conditions can worsen to include heart problems. black legged tick, formerly known as the deer tick there now found in many more counties across many more states, then a decade or two ago. ticks like living in areas with tall grass and trees, health experts recommend spraying your clothes and hiking gear with bug spray, covering up
4:47 pm
any exposed skin and wearing hats. when you're out in the woods, you should also check yourself your children and your pets for ticks the workweek, roy and rain headed our. yes we have a scattered showers in the forecast for tomorrow, even the risk of thunderstorms, which means thunder lightning, a small hail will be a possibility. outsider doors at this hour. a lot of clouds a little bit of fog there over the city of san francisco. the winds are blowing and as we showed you in the last half hour temperatures fell off this afternoon by several degrees from yesterday afternoon storm tracker to their reporting just a little bit of scatter shower activity across the bay area, especially along the coastline and the higher elevations. it's fairly light. it's weak. it's on and off the system that is going to bring us the scattered showers more widespread, as well as the possibility of thunderstorms. it's just kind of skirting the coast and it's going to take a
4:48 pm
few days before it actually moves out of california. here we are this afternoon as we get into tomorrow morning. it's now pretty much right off our coastline here. we've got the blues across the not only the water, but across the bay area. here's a look at wednesday morning, it shifting, but it's taking its time. thursday now into southern california before it finally begins to move east, so we are calling for unsettled weather for the next few days. right now, tuesday looks like it's the best day to actually get some rain and then on sunday a week system just kind of clipping. it looks like the north bay area will be watching that for you. of course it's on the weekend, but between now and then. we are looking at half inch or less expected for most areas. with this system. we see a san francisco almost 8 8/10 as well as san jose. so these are becoming a little bit more saturated into the sierra. we go where snow levels are all the
4:49 pm
way down to about 4000 ft. in some cases tomorrow and 8 to 10 inches of new snow expected checking in on the current conditions. we've got to sfo reporting wind gusts of 36 mph. we've got two mountain view reporting augusta 21 breezy and cool 54 in san francisco 54 in walnut creek your overnight lows for tomorrow in the forties for most of us, 46 for napa 47 in hayward, 49 redwood city and then into the afternoon. these temperatures well below average mid fifties and pacifica upper fifties san francisco low sixties around the bay as well as far inland city. is conquered. you're going to 63. the extended forecast here. temperatures won't change much getting into your bay area wednesday, north thursday, so we're going to remain below average and cool for most of the business week we started to move our way into the weekend and temperatures come up just slightly with a mix of sun and clouds expected mid upper fifties at the coast sixties around the bay upper sixties expected inland back to you. okay thanks, rosemary. well in the near future, some security
4:50 pm
guards may be replaced with robots. how one invention could change the way we monitor buildings and public spaces coming up tonight on the news at five o'clock sideshow frustration boiling over for one oakland driver what he did over the weekend that led to a vicious attack. plus we are watching and waiting for a major announcement from oakland educators that's also coming up at five regarding a potential strike decision. martial arts is my passion.
4:51 pm
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yes there were 301 drug shortages during the first three months of this year. that's according to researchers with the university of utah. last fall, the fda announced a shortage of the intention deficit disorder drug adderall due to a manufacturing problem. the fda has also attract a shortage of the diabetes treatment was epic, which happened after people on social media said they were using it
4:53 pm
advances, a new report has found that 14 million jobs won't exist in the next five years. that is about 2% of the current workforce. the world economic forum published that report over the weekend. it does point out that new jobs will be created to manage artificial intelligence. but it will also replace jobs in certain fields. robots are popping up everywhere across a variety of professions. now one new devices hoping to dominate the security industry boxes, marianne rafferty takes a closer look. this autonomous two wheeled robot could become the security guard of the future created by startup companies. scinto robotics versions of this little guy or already patrolling several properties in switzerland for unwelcome guests. while it looks small, this robot is mighty and especially designed to travel over various terrain and elements. it's also armed with
4:54 pm
the heat sensing camera to identify the presence of people and cars, according to the company's founder, the device will hopefully make the jobs of human security guards easier and safer chose to go for the security market because this is a place where it's really difficult to find people. nowadays they have to work long hours. um and they have to work in everywhere conditions and we did this job ourselves, and it's really brutal instead of employing a team of people, security companies could hire one central guard. to monitor the robot as it wanders around large areas. center patrols large outdoor areas like data centers, logistics or manufacturing plans. the robot can travel at speeds a little over seven mph. it can patrol for eight hours before it needs recharging, and it can be rented by the hour, depending on a security companies needs while the cost of employing one of these bots can vary into robotics, says the price would still than hiring a real person, marianne rafferty
4:55 pm
, ktvu, fox two news. celebrations are underway already for the official coronation of king charles. third, will have details on the preparations coming [suspenseful music] ugh. no signal. i don't have home internet. oh, that's a red flag. your mom looks a lot like me. yeah, couple of hotties. thank you? there's dead spots all over this place. there really are. oh wow. nothing. are you getting a good signal?
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the annual fundraiser for the costume institute of the metropolitan museum of art is known for its celebrity guest list and high fashion ensembles . among the hosts this year penelope cruz, roger federer and do a leap up along with vogue editor in chief anna winter, of course, and the theme will honor the life and legacy of designer karl lagerfeld. known best for his long career as the creative director of chanel. speaking of his creative directorship at chanel, he once said, in the end , i'm just a mercenary paid to perpetuate a label. because i was much more than that, with
4:58 pm
the expertise he brought to fashion as an art and as a business, he created the identity of the fashion designer impresario has become the blueprint of contemporary fashion. a blueprint that many designers aspire to, but very few will achieve and even fewer , if any, will surpass. lagerfeld died in 2019. and while he's known for transforming chanel into a fashion powerhouse, he is not without controversy, making headlines for fat phobic, racist and misogynistic comments. the coronation of king charles, the third is now just a few days away, while supporters traveled to london for the event. some are criticizing the ceremony, signing a financial crisis in the uk boxes. alex hogan has more right outside of buckingham palace. you know what's wonderful days before the coronation of king charles. the third supporters are already lining the road to buckingham palace. millions
4:59 pm
will sleep here until the safe, most of them to have the best view. thousands of soldiers and musicians are rehearsing for the uk's first coronation in more than 70 years. on saturday, they will accompany the royal family as they travel to westminster abbey. more than 2200. guests will then watches king charles takes his oath and receives. st edward's crown palace says the ceremony will reflect the monarchy's modern role, including multiple faiths and languages, bringing people in to ensure that there is some sort of comfortable itty and enjoyment and that can hopefully spur some more interest. while the coronation will be scaled back from previous ones. critics still question the price tag. the event is expected to cost taxpayers roughly $125 million at a time when a british government report finds that nearly half of its citizens are behind on paying their bills,
5:00 pm
even though it is good to have a kind of catharsis. released as a nation. it's also strange that this event would happen at a time where people don't really have like the money to get by on the coronation of king charles. the third is scheduled for saturday. may 6th in london. alex hogan, fox news, ktvu. fox. two news at five starts now. we have to stop that activity. we've got to make sure that our streets continue to be saved for the children and families to live. now at five, another weekend of dangerous dance on oakland streets, one of them turning violent man was attacked in west oakland after confronting people at a sideshow . good evening. i'm julie julie haener mike mibach tonight . city leaders are urging residents regardless of how you feel about the side shows to not get involved. ktvu crime reporter henry lee live tonight in the newsroom with the very


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